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Worm Tea


Wormies.JPG (Photo credit: Duncan Kinney)

It was brought to my attention, that while I have mentioned worm tea a bunch, I have not really explained what it is and how to make it. So since it is another rainy day here in Vancouver, now is a good time to talk worm tea.

Worm tea is compost tea made from worm castings. It is not, as many internet sources will tell you, the liquid that seeps out of the bottom of the worm bin. That stuff is called leachate. It is best to just put that stuff back into the bin. It is not good to use directly on your garden. If you must use it, dilute it heavily. And of course it’s not steeping your poor worms in hot water.

Now what is compost tea then you ask. Much has been written on this subject, so I am going to just give you a brief overview and the give some resources to learn more.

There is two basic methods for making compost tea. Steeped Tea and Aerated Tea. Steeped Tea is just the process of soaking your compost in water to draw out the nutrients. This is the method that gardeners have been employing for many a year.

More recently it was discovered that if you add aeration to the process, you will multiply the beneficial living organisms in the compost many fold. So in this method you use an aquarium air pump and stone to put oxygen into the water. You can also feed these organisms with some sugar to give them a head start, molasses is what is usually recommended.

I won’t give you a detailed how to as it has been done many times on the net, I will give you some links though.

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Taking the Worms for a Walk


Illustration by Joseph Bergin III

So, yesterday I was taking a hand full of worms from my bin to my new compost pile ( you know the one for my tomatoes I’ve been talking so much about). I live right next to a park, and I heard the sound of playing children as I was heading to the compost. So I took a detour to show the kids the worms. There were three little girls at the park, and they were very interested in my handful of worms and partially composted vegi matter. I talked to them about worms for about five minutes, and left them with a few worms to play with. It really made me smile to see these little girls so interested in the worms. They were specifically amazed by the fact that the worms ate paper.

When I was telling M about this exchange we did a search for kids books about worms. Of course we found a few, check out my On The Shelf page for my favorite.

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Compost Tea Brewer


Worm Castings,Kelp Meal,Molasses a little air and time…


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