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Taking the Worms for a Walk


Illustration by Joseph Bergin III

So, yesterday I was taking a hand full of worms from my bin to my new compost pile ( you know the one for my tomatoes I’ve been talking so much about). I live right next to a park, and I heard the sound of playing children as I was heading to the compost. So I took a detour to show the kids the worms. There were three little girls at the park, and they were very interested in my handful of worms and partially composted vegi matter. I talked to them about worms for about five minutes, and left them with a few worms to play with. It really made me smile to see these little girls so interested in the worms. They were specifically amazed by the fact that the worms ate paper.

When I was telling M about this exchange we did a search for kids books about worms. Of course we found a few, check out my On The Shelf page for my favorite.

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Compost Foraging

20130225-164309.jpgWell I was lax in the fall. I did not collect any leaves. I thought about it, but I didn’t act. You see I was not really composting in bulk. I have the worm bin, and the rest of my compost goes to the green bins. For the amount of space I have had , it’s been enough.

This year though I have more space! I currently have two Pallets Beds on the go and two more planned. One of which will be tomatoes in Global Buckets. The first two pallet beds were filled with top soil that was already on site. I amended them with worm castings, bone meal, kelp meal, a balanced granular mix, liquid fish fertilizer, and of course worm tea.

Now the problem arises that I am going to need to build soil for my global buckets. I have a dozen planned so far. I will be using coconut coir as the base, but I need a large amount of compost.

Luckily, tomatoes do not go into the ground for some time. So… I must make some compost. Enter the need for leaves. Alas it is not so easy to find leaves in early spring. Ok it’s technically late winter, but lets be optimistic here. So a few days ago G and I were lamenting about the need for leaves, he did collect lots, but being G, he needs more. Well just yesterday he called to give the locale of this awesome pile.

20130225-183626.jpgToday I jumped in the car2go and grabbed seven bags full. Oh Ya! Now i need to make the round of a few grocery stores for some green waste, and we are off to the races.

Now I bet you thought this tale was done, oh no. So when I got home from the leave adventure, I ambled over to Welks to see if they were carrying any large garbage containers to turn into a composter, when I bumped in to J, the proprietor, and we got to chatting as usual, and when he heard I was going to be making a composter, he gave me one he had in the basement. Awesome!

I’ll keep you all posted on my further foraging endeavours


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Moved Lettuce Babies

IMG_0643After the great moss incident of early 2013, I decided to move the little lettuce’s. This allowed me to take the dirt out of the planter so that I could add a layer of wood chips to the bottom to aid in drainage and also to lighten up the bed. Hugelkultur Anyone? Ok not exactly Hugelkultur, but using the concepts behind it in my container growing.

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The Great Moss Incident of 2013

So as you may remember I tried to plant some greens for the winter in late fall. I knew then that it was much to late, but I thought hey why not experiment, otherwise my planters would be just sitting on the porch doing nothing and feeling lonely. Well those little seeds did sprout and they survived till now, they didn’t really get more than a couple of true leaves, but I figured, well when spring hits they will take off. Enter The Moss (insert dramatic music here), I was not paying enough attention, should have mulched. Well anyhow, in the process of trying to lift the moss, I decimated my little sprouts. Oh well, they survived the winter, but not my bull in the china shop approach to moss management.

This year I will get my winter greens in at the right time and I will also mulch!

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