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Hugelkultur Anyone?

hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds.

Well as I have no actual land to garden I can’t try this. Although I have used the concept to modify my cedar planters some. I have been finding that I really don’t need 18″ of soil in these planters as I am growing primarily salad greens, scallions and garlic in them. So I had been trying to decide what to use as a bottom layer to lighten up the beds and provide better drainage. Enter wood chips. One day recently I accosted the poor tree trimmers in my neighborhood for some wood chips. I put those fresh trimmings  in the bottom third of the bed. So we shall see how it works out. I’m thinking that wood chips would be a great choice for a bottom layer in any container.

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Moved Lettuce Babies

IMG_0643After the great moss incident of early 2013, I decided to move the little lettuce’s. This allowed me to take the dirt out of the planter so that I could add a layer of wood chips to the bottom to aid in drainage and also to lighten up the bed. Hugelkultur Anyone? Ok not exactly Hugelkultur, but using the concepts behind it in my container growing.

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