Green Onion Rescue

20130226-182143.jpg So I forgot to mention my onion rescue.

Wait… I have to fill you in on the background here. I am a big fan of regrowing any organic green onions I buy from grocery stores and markets. I use the greens in my cooking and plant the little bulbs, and those little guys just move right in and start growing me more green onion tops.

So, now back to the rescue mission. In my compost foraging last week, I was able to pick out some really nice green onions. Still bunched and ready for sale. So, I cut off the bulbs as you see here. Usually when I am doing this with onions I have purchased I cut them a little closer to the bulb. I still want a nice bit of that in my cooking you see. In this case tho the greens were just going into the compost.

20130226-182120.jpgThe next step is to put them in some water overnight. I throw a little rooting powder in with the water as well. This is completely unnecessary, but I have the powder, so why not give those little guys some booster juice. The next day those little guys are ready to stick into some dirt.

To tell you a little secret, you could leave out all the fussy stuff and just stick those guys straight into some dirt. Take them straight from the cutting board and stick them into your garden. They will have a great time I am sure.

I just like to go the extra mile.20130226-182131.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Green Onion Rescue

  1. Hey Mista Frank. Love the blog. It looks like you leave a few inches of green above the bulb when you cut them, so how much of the onion top do you leave poking out of the ground when you plant the bulbs? I’d like to try this.

    • I left more than I usually do in this case. All you really need is about an inch of the bulb in the ground, and half an inch poking out.

    • Also the best onions to use are ones where the roots are still on the bulb. The trimmed ones will grow new roots, but it just takes longer.

  2. Awesome. Thanks, Mista Frank. I’ve got that extra cold frame milk crate that’s crying out for something to grow. Green onions it is. 🙂

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