So here you are peeking into my journal. Not to worry it’s not that kind of journal, it’s a garden journal.

I think quite a lot about gardening and urban agriculture. I needed a good way to keep a journal of my gardening adventures, and I’m not one for paper and pen. So of course there is an app for that. Tried many of them. Didn’t like any of them. So a few people had been telling me, “you should have a blog”. I of course thought, what Me? No, I thought, there are so many more knowledgeable folks out there, why should I bother people with my meanderings. Well, then came the day where again I was searching out apps for a better journal experience. So to make a short story long, I decided to give this blogging a try.

You will find that there are some boring journal entries like “sowed this” or “planted out that”. You will also find some interesting tid bits I find on the net. I spend a lot of time poking around this internet for food growing tips. You might even find some of my gardening experiments, interesting?… ridiculous?… or down right silly. They do make good stories some times. Anyhow, let’s get on with the show.

Welcome to Mister Frank’s Garden!

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Sowed Beets


I wasn’t sure if I was going to grow spring beets, as I was going to have so much lettuce going by now. Alas that has not come to pass. So in go the beets.

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Sowed More Lettuce

I must begin to replace what the rats have eaten. I may end up throwing some lettuce seedlings in as well, to gain back some of the time I have lost. Oh those Dirty Rats and their thieving ways.



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Sowed First Basil


Mmmmmm, Yaaa

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Mista’s Update

Well, I haven’t posted in a while so I have much to tell.

First and for most, the Damn Hipster Rats continue to eat my garden. They think I am running a salad bar over here. It is very disheartening to see months of work get eaten by unseen critters. They have completely destroyed all my salad greens. I have set traps, plugged in one of those sonic devices, installed a motion sensor light. I caught a couple of the little thieves in my traps, but now the seem to just avoid the traps and go straight for the lettuce. I will try a different bait in the traps, I was using peanut butter at first, and then switched to raisins as they are easier to use. I don’t think the raisins are tempting enough, so back to peanut butter. I would rather not have to kill the little critters, but I can not let them eat all my greens.

So on a better note, my nursery is doing great, tomatoes and peppers are thriving. The Roma’s are not very happy since being potted up, but they may bounce back. The Cherokee Purple and Brown Berry are doing well, I just potted them up yesterday. The peppers had a bout of unhappiness, but they are thriving now.

I will be starting the basil soon, maybe even today. I am excited to have basil back in my life. I am not sure if you know, but I really enjoy growing basil. It is a very rewarding plant, and so very tasty. I grew enough last year to be in constant supply of pesto over the summer, and I froze enough to last well into winter. I plan to grow more this year, I would like to have enough in the freezer to last until next years fresh basil is ready. We shall see.

All the herbs are doing well, and being left alone by those damn rats. So that is a bonus. I am going to grow more parsley this year as my mother wants to drink parsley tea for her health. I will also ramp up the oregano and rosemary I think. We have lots of thyme so I will just stick with the established plantings there. Cilantro is being slow to grow, the first quadrant of my milk crate bed has sprouted, but has not done much else. I planted the second quadrant last week. We love cilantro around here, so I am crossing my fingers that it does well. I didn’t have much luck with it last year, but I belive that had to do with not giving it enough depth. They have long tap roots, and need some space. So we wait and see.

The Allium Clan is doing well. Garlic is strong and thriving, both here on the porch, and at the 12th and clark plot. The leeks are doing well, and I will be planting a second round of leeks very soon. I should have done so already, but that’s ok. The rescued onions and the multiplier onions are doing great, and last but not least, the chives are thriving. The rats are staying away from the alliums so I am happy about that.

Oh and I built a strawberry tower, I am now just waiting for my plugs to arrive. There is 50 holes, I will grow 25 June bearing and 25 Everbearing. I am looking forward to those sweet nuggets. My two little blueberries are doing well I believe, they did not produce at all last year, but that was to be expected, maybe this year I will get a few. I was hoping to get some raspberries this year, but it didn’t happen, I was going to try them in buckets. Maybe next year.

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Planted Multiplier Onions


I grabbed a bag of bulbs from Welks.

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You Dirty Rat!

organic ratThose Hipster Rats have eaten my vegi’s yet again!

Little rodents with rolled up jeans and a jaunty hat is what I picture when I find my garden has been invaded.

Or maybe something like this guy!

I prefer to deter pests as opposed to more going for a killing approach, but having tried peppermint oil, hardware cloth collars, and other deterrents in the past, to no avail. I now set traps for these little thieves, but they are getting wise. I really don’t want to use poison, it just seems to cowardly, and potentially dangerous to innocent bystanders. I will try more traps and get a movement controlled light on the patio.

These thieving rats won’t get the best of Me!

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Sowed Super Gourmet Lettuce Blend

20130303-193350.jpgWell I got my new plant shelf done just in time. I have been having an issue with rats in the garden. Their most recent pillage, was of some of my latest lettuce seedlings. They got 8 little guys. Grrr! So I sow some more and carry on.

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Sowed Brown Berry and Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomato (Photo credit: jalexartis)

20130328-162851.jpgI’m going to grow a couple of tomatoes on the balcony. I grew Brown Berry last year, it was a very tasty producer. This is the first year of Cherokee Purple in my garden. I’m looking forward to it.

Cherokee Purple is an heirloom variety, originally grown in Cherokee territory. I will be saving seeds of these guys for sure.

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Sharing Backyards – Vancouver, BC – City Farmer

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 10.39.58 AMSharing Backyards – Vancouver, BC – City Farmer.

Very cool little applet. It is a map where you can connect with people who have gardening space to share, or people who are looking for gardening space.


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Support Community Gardens

Drive GardenSupport a New Community Garden on the Drive

Right at Commercial and East 12th Ave, Vancouver, North East corner

Click on this link and support the Can You Dig It campaign: http://www.sokap.com/r/6cf40698

Buy your seeds or sponsor a garden bed. 20% of all the proceeds from Can You Dig It store front will be donated to The Drive Community Garden. Awesome! Remember to click on the link above before buying so the profits go to The Drive Garden.

We need your support to make The Drive Community Garden a reality! Please visit http://www.thedrivegarden.com for more information.

Thank you for supporting more inclusive communities through gardening.

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